Sunday, March 13, 2011

CN 15007 15008 Track Evaluation Cars

While its been along time since I've posted anything due to a busy schedule at work and home. I have replaced my Sony A380 with a new Sony SLT A55 which is a huge setup on the 380. The weather has been typical North Coast, winter rains day after day with the occasional brief break in between squalls. I did manage to get out today and made my way to the waterfront where I caught up to CN 5287 with cars 15007 and 15008 parked idling in the rain. These cars are starting to make regular appearance in town. I have seen them 2 or 3 times over the past year. 15007 is a former 60' ballasted box car (CNA794704) built by Pullman Standard in January 1964. 15008 is a track geometry car converted from ex. Via 1802/CN 1802 "Cape Rosier" built by Pullman Standard in 1954.


Eric said...

Thanks for sharing those photos, Scott. The TEST cars put on lots of miles on CN's far-flung system. I also liked those wheel flats in behind.

Scott Duffus said...

The wheel flats are a common site with the container trafficin Rupert now.