Friday, January 20, 2012

Grande Cache Sub derailment CN 5637 locomotive

Apparently CN had a derailment Jan 18 on the Grande Cache Subdivision when a runaway near Hanlon came out of a siding and plowed into a switching operation. This photo is by an unknown photographer.


Anonymous said...

I was the locomotive engineer in this incident, the CN 5637 was the lead locomotive in the consist of four units and 74 loaded freight cars on our train, at the time we were stopped but just about to separate the three lead locomotives and run up five miles to the same siding the coal cars were in when the collision happened. The student locomotive engineer was in the CN 5637 when the collision occurred, he was able to walk out of the unit on his own accord through the engineer's front windshield, he suffered deeply bruised vertebrae and I am sure a great deal of soft tissue damage. the conductor and I were outside, standing between the third and fourth locomotives just about to get a pin to separate when the collision happened, we each have a few bumps and bruises but are both ok., Please post more photographs, this is the only photo so far Ihave been able to find or allowed to see. Thank you for posting this photo.

Scott Duffus said...

Thank you for passing along your story. It's nice have more information on the derailment and find out the crew is safe.

Fraser said...

Good to read everyone survived, the vertebrae problems will come back with the passage of time. Please keep that in mind and be careful.

retired hog