Monday, December 15, 2008

The whatsit files!

Just thought I' d post a picture of this unusual ZPMC 20' container spotted by the Mayer terminals Fairview mechanical shop. The container was used to load test and commission the 3 gantry cranes lifting capacity. The marks on the side indicate the units weight (long tonnes / 2200lbs) when water is add to the container.

Cold and Clear on the Northcoast

Mid afternoon yesterday with the mercury @ -5 celcius, I made my way to the waterfront to see if I could catch something in the rail yard. As luck would have it the afternoon switch crew, Art Ferguson (engineer) and JT Sparkes (switchman), were about to run a set on locomotives into the wye.

Friday, December 12, 2008

CN SD70M-2, Road number 8011

CN 8011 was in town early December 8th as head end power on the mixed freight along with BC Rail 762. This locomotive is one of 50 that were ordered for container service out of Rupert. The SD40-2 looks pretty small coupled to this big third gen monster.

BC Rail 762 on the waterfront

Early December 8th BC Rail SD40-2 was parked in front of the old passenger station waiting for the in coming tide before unloading the Foss marine rail barge service.