Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garrett gets the train bug?

Well it looks like my oldest son Garrett is starting to get the railfaning bug like his dad. On the way home from Kitimat we caught up to a westbound coal train heading for the coast, so I gave Garrett my Olympus 8080c camera and pulled along side CN 2224 and told him to start shooting. The following photos are the images he captured. Not bad considering he's never had a camera in his hands before and they where taken from a moving car.

One for Robert

Well as you know in my earlier post today, I made an overnight trip to Kitimat. On the way home I stopped at a location just to the east of Tyee. This appears to be the same place Robert McDonald took a photo 50 years earlier. This ones for you!

Tanks a million

Well this morning I found myself in Kitmat with an hour to spare so I made a fast trip out to Alcan Kitimat works and just happened to catch CN getting ready to put a string of tank cars out of the Methanex, methanol plant. The lead engine was road number 2225 followed by 2561 and 5765.