Saturday, May 9, 2009

I just can't bear it any longer

Thought I'd post these pictures I got at Endako when I was on my way to Vanderhoof last week. The black bear climbed out of the brush and on to the tracks at the crew house then decided to lay between the rails and start eating who know what?

Mile from home

Last Friday I was heading home from Vanderhoof when I happened to catch up with what had to be one of the shortest coal trains ever! Wisconsin Central GP-38 (RD# 2001) was the lead locomotive on a seven car train. The train was made up of 2 locomotives, six coal cars and a flat car loaded with wheel sets. Since CN has absorbed various class 2 and shortlines over the past few years more unusual head end power has been appearing on the Skeena subdivision here on the North Coast. The following photos where taken along the Skeena river between Shanes and Salvis sidings.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

East bound empties

About 10 minute behind Via Rails Skeena was an empty grain train making the trip east to the prairies to be reloaded sent back to a West Coast port. CN 2223 was the lone unit pulling the string East towards Antigonish Creek.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Via Rails Skeena heads East along the river

Sunday April 26th I captured Via Rail 6424 heading out of Prince Rupert towards Terrace. Al Tucker from Smithers was the engineer at the controls of 6424 as it speeds along the Skeena river past Tyee towards the Kyex river and then on to Telegraph Point. This time of year Via operates a short train made up of a loco and two bud cars.

Things go off track at the Grain Elevator

Well it's been sometime since my last post and a lot has been going on so I'll start with a series of photos taken at Prince Rupert Grain on Ridley Island. I don't know who took the pictures but they were forwarded to me by a friend who works at the elevator.

The accident happened when a switch was aligned the wrong way and a string of grain cars was pushed through the locomotive shop and out the other end. to the best of my knowledge no one was injured.