Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Barbara Foss on the water

Well it was a cold windy day on the water this morning because of a strong Arctic outflow. The mountains tops have a light dusting of snow at higher elevation so it won't belong before Winter is on the doorstep. I manage to catch up to the Barbara Foss pulling into the Petro Canada fuel dock in Cow Bay. The wind was pushing the tow boat sideways hard enough that the Captain had to back out and take a second run at the dock before they managed to secure their lines.

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Oil-Electric said...

Great shot Scott, of the Barbara Foss - technically #2. My Dad was Chief Engineer on Barbara Foss (#1) which was an U>S> Army Light Tug (LT 376) in 1968-1969.

She's looking good at 34 following a major refit and fresh coat of paint in Seattle a few months ago.

At 4,200 hp, she has what it takes to pull the "AquaTrain" service across the cranky Gulf of Alaska. That run is now in it's 48th year. I see she is wearing her "H/P" badge - high performance - good for fuel economy and exhaust emissions.

Your posts mean a lot to me, seeing you stand where once I stood. One of the many wonders of the Internet. My. How time is slipping away ...